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Pay per marketing is a new trend today. It is a type of affiliate marketing where one gets paid after evaluating the number of calls that have been made after viewing the advertisement the person posted.  Nowadays, people are looking forward to these and are applying in larger numbers. The scope of such marketing has increased from 30% in the past to an average of 50% in today’s time.  It is a form of cost per action marketing with the help of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can be defined as a process by which people can earn money by simply recommending the online products to other people, and once the person purchases any item via the link given, the person receives his commission. One can easily earn an ample amount of money to support his basic needs. The individual needs to start this by selecting the niche he is comfortable with. Select the finest and the best offers available before starting with any. These affiliate networks are available from the pay per call section of offer vault, your Facebook groups, etc. also, pay per call provides charge per call, per impression, or even per conversion.

Why would you need to join a real estate program?

Pay per click advertising is highly beneficial. You are paid if anyone opens the ads that are displayed. In real estate programs, PPC provides good returns to a person. In real estate, PPC one is required to drive the traffic well, to turn them into leads, and lastly following up those leads for real. Real estate PPC can earn a good commission on their ads displayed. Some of the real estates provide a 100-day cookie life in which if a person clicks the link but doesn’t buy it and maybe after the 100 days the person is willing to purchase it, the advertiser still gets paid. This payout process is done every 15 days. Real estate programs can help one in learning about pre-licensing education. The set up for these is quick and easy. It supports a good range of tracking too. The biggest boon is that anyone without any specifications can apply for these.

Let’s take an insight to the best call affiliate programs.

Here’s a list of top 7 pay per call affiliate programs:



  • It provides a cost for everyone to lead that you get.
  • Payment is done either weekly or in 15 days.
  • A proper tracking is done and you are paid for your referrals.
  • The payment made is done easily using Payoneer, PayPal, Wire, Cheque, ACH (Direct Deposit)
  • MB MaxMoney feature was introduced recently which helps one to earn more.
  • It belongs to elite CPA networks.


  • The Minimum payment required to get your withdrawals is just 100 dollars.
  • One can earn extra money by bringing a website visitor.
  • Professional’s support is provided whenever one is in need


  • It does not have enough offers to be promoted
  • The beginners can face issues during registration because it has a strict process for its registration.

Why join Maxbounty?

Maxbounty is one of the oldest companies that support pay per click marketing. It was introduced in the year 2008 and is one of the most trusted companies. It is one common affiliate program that is known for its cost per action offers. It is easy to use and has some very normal terms for the payment. Approval for maxbounty is provided in nearly five minutes which is proof that it is easy to start and get all permissions after submitting the required details. It can help you boost your earnings. Maxbounty has friendly managers who will assist you whenever you are in need.



  • It is owned by the Publics group.
  • It provides a filter for all its programs based on 7 days EPC, 3 months EPC, and even network earnings.
  • One receives payment for all the referrals after every 30 days.
  • Payment is done using the Payoneer account through ‘CJ International Payments’.
  • Before receiving payment, one is required to generate at least $50.


  • CJ AFFILIATE has multiple offers from various brands.
  • One may earn a good commission after advertising through this.
  • CJ has still got probably the best selection of big brand names present on any affiliate network


  • One is required to generate sales before being approved, which is tough.
  • It lacks the PayPal option for the means of payment.


CJ was founded in 1998. It remains the same site as it was when it was first introduced except for some minor changes here and there. It is never too crowded to make it tough for people to view ads properly. They are easy to use and have a lighter version. Searches can be easily done by selecting the category first that one wants. All the searches made can be saved in it. it provides an option of support center to help with a problem if any.



  • There is a search bar where you can type your keywords and then all the results are displayed.
  • It supports free webinars for the ones who join it.
  • You can easily save your searches on your account which can prove to be helpful sometimes.
  • It provides free training videos for the newbies.
  • it works even if you don’t have your website.


  • You can even get your advertisements published via OfferVault.
  • It is available worldwide.
  • All the offers by the affiliate marketers can be posted for free.


  • One requires a high-level skill while using this application. For most, it’s just a struggle to earn money online.
  • It has a variety of offers both of a high and a low payment. One is suggested to allot more of them while searching for a perfect offer to join. Hence, it can be time-consuming.


It is the largest source of cost per action marketing. You get a lead by talking with the customer on the phone for at least 90 seconds. The offer vault is completely free to join. Offer vault is more of a reference tool that helps one search for different offers available. The site has an ample amount of offers for one to search. The search bar makes it easy to search for a perfect offer that one wants. If you are willing to earn money for your website or a blog, make sure you check the offer vault for it. offer Vault is legitimate and would serve as a great offer for you.



  • Payment is done either weekly or every month, whichever one prefers.
  • Payment is done through the wire, Payoneer, PayPal, paxum, or even web money.
  • It has cutting-edge smart links.
  • It organizes meetups, challenges, workshops, parties and a devotion program to keep subsidiaries energized
  • The company provides deep insights into it.


  • It supports global brands like Aliexpress, Murka, and Jumia.
  • It supports easy and good tracking.
  • It provides flexible and multiple payment options.


  • The rate of displaying the ads is quite slow.


Click dealer was introduced in the year 2012 and from that time till today, it has a partnership with over 2000 companies. Click dealer is a solution for all the advertisers, publishers who exist worldwide. It is the finest of all the offers and has a good range of them. Payments are always done on time by the click dealer company. it is widely recognized across the world and was among the top 10 in Performance Marketing Insiders as per 2014 ratings. It won  Publishers’ Choice of Network at European Performance Marketing Awards 2016.



  • It has a feature called campaign manager which already keeps all the contacts in your phone updated on the products.
  • It has broadcasted articles that hyper-local content and can be shared by you directly with your friends.
  • It has broadcasted videos which provide deep details about the product.
  • It shares tips and other information which makes it convenient to get more leads.


  • It supports high-quality leads and calls.
  • It is employee-friendly.


  • There are many complaints against this site being a fraud.
  • It does not provide good services.


The lead market is more than just a marketplace. They exist now for over 15 years in this lead generation industry. It is simple to sell financial products here. You get the freedom of accessing these leads anytime and anywhere. The lead market offers multiple plans that suit the requirements of the customers. Hence, selling leads with the lead market is comparatively easier.



  • The Powerank feature displays topmost merchants.
  • You are provided an option to fully customize your links.
  • It provides handy social tools.
  • Your payments are done on the 20th of each month.
  • It supports a variety of reporting features to provide an overview of it.


  • It is a boon for the affiliates with multiple websites who would like to monetize these.
  • Multiple signups are not required for all your websites. Applying once will make all your sites active.
  • It supports merchants with large brands and even small businesses.


  • Shareasale charges 1% of the commission earned as a transaction fee.
  • It does not support PayPal payouts.


Shareasale has been in this business now for nearly 20 years and is not a scam. It is free to join as an affiliate. The signup process for it is easy and quick. It just involves 5 steps and then you are there on it as an affiliate. They say that they are an honest and fair company and their actions prove them to be correct. Payments are done as per one’s preference between a check or a Payoneer. It supports real-time tracking. Your application gets approved within a maximum time of 24 hours. All these are the reasons to use ShareASale.



  • A Minimum payment of $100 is done for affiliate networking.
  • It supports lead routing and tracking.
  • It has hyper-local targeting which helps in providing leads easily.
  • Account managers in these are pay per call experts.
  • It provides a real-time call bidding platform for all.
  • It provides mid interactive voice responses.


  • It has the most offers and the highest payouts.
  • It provides custom solutions to all problems.
  • It provides a fast and efficient approval process.
  • It has a list of instant keywords to display on the search bar.


  • It is considered that RingPartner company is involved in several unfair practices, as reviewed by its users.


The RingPartner works only with a selected group of merchants and advertisers which in a way makes it unique. It has the highest payouts and a very supportive team. It motivates people who are new to this site to join it other than the ones who only allow experienced people. The company always reaches out to its affiliates and maintains a good connection with them. You get access to real-time data because of its live insights feature. It provides hyper-local targeting to easily target the local customers around. Its routing platform delivers leads to the right business that too at the right time. It provides quality assurance to its in-house mates. It supports multiple banking and payment methods for its affiliates.


Pay per call method is a good market strategy to earn money these days. These methods are now widely used by the people across the world. There are several options available to choose one perfect for yourself. Make sure to check the specifications given by a particular program before starting with any. Many programs are designed in such a way that only through one sign up it can access your multiple websites, if any!

Therefore, make sure that you know about these terms and details about the various programs and then you are good to go.

I hope you find this article useful and helpful in making bucks via pay per call methods, one of the most common ways to earn these days.