Best Lifestyle Affiliate Programs For Bloggers in 2021

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This article will take you through to 7 of the best lifestyle affiliate programs for bloggers in 2020. The platforms listed below are the ones with high and fast payouts along with availability of multiple brands looking for sale or lead on different products in exchange for a fixed fee or % commission.

Want to know the basics of starting a blog?

Read about things to do after buying a domain here!

From finding the best restaurants in your city, recovery method to acne/makeups to getting the best clothes and fashion trends, the lifestyle niche has it all in between!

Before knowing about the best micro niches to work on/ offers to run, we can always know about prerequisites for a lifestyle affiliate offer

  1. You need to own a blog that writes on lifestyle targeting buyer intent keywords such as best makeup kit under 100$ , and many more.
  2. If you don’t own a blog and want to make waves as an affiliate marketer, you need to know about buying a domain, setting up landers, and spying on competitors for best ad copies with the target market.

Now, when you’re working in this niche, most of the pro affiliate marketers are targeting the prospective audience via the google shopping ads and facebook ads. But Google PPC ads are bigger and better in this niche and you can use SemRush/KeywordSpy for keywords.

Why SemRush?

It allows you to check the cpc, pages ranking for the term, ads being run by competitors with target audience. You can also get some help with their long tail keyword feature where you can get two interests mixed keywords with almost zero or low competition to run ads on.

Also, SemRush offers a 14 day free trial, Let’s dig in and make some money here!

Note: If you are new to affiliate marketing then you should definitely have a look at our guide on affiliate marketing.

4 Of The Most Famous Products Covered In Lifestyle Niche – 

  1. Kids clothes, toys,and food.
  2. Airbnb, Hotel, and flight deals.
  3. Makeup and clothes for women/men under different age periods.
  4. Leads for spa/massage sessions.

Well, it’s just not an affiliate but lifestyle niche bloggers also have a strong base in Adsense as well and one can cover it by creating ‘How-To’s’ and ‘User Guides’. 

If this is the niche you’re passionate about or know a lot in/about then here are the:

Top 7 Affiliate Programs For Lifestyle Bloggers in 2020 -

Offer Juice Program Review

best lifestyle affiliate programs for bloggers

Offer juice is a 37-year-old company and has its office in around 24 countries across the world. The company works with most of the new technology based and emerging companies to combine with traditional power players with multiple product portfolios in order to  provide refined leads and conversions. 

It allows you to promote their offers using social media handles and ads along with the organic traffic via your website.


  • It does not act as a middleman or a broker for any offers.
  • It allows you to become an affiliate and earn on lead, impressions, and final sale.
  • It is powered by Survey Sampling International, the largest global market research sample provider.


  • They provide the highest payouts.
  • It provides the best client services.
  • It has a large budget market research panel to provide one with the maximum leads.


  • Payment is done only through check and after 45 days net.


Offer Juice has top-notch survey offers like SurveySpot, ProOpinion, Centro deOpinion, etc. They have market research panels in more than 70 countries, and that’s the reason it is rated as one of the best lifestyle affiliate programs for beginners in 2020.

Ebates Affiliate Program Review

EBATES or more appropriately RAKUTEN is one of the safest platforms to promote lifestyle related products by offering cash back options to the customers who buy products

The strategy of offering cash back has led to an increase in retention of customers as they would have to buy a few more products in order to use the pending cashback .


  • EBATES has partnered with a huge number of e-commerce stores.
  • It supports around 2000 online stores.
  • The company charger $2 for every inactive account.
  • It is free to use.
  • Ebates has a browser extension for all the major browsers.
  • It pays via mailed check or by using PayPal.


  • It is easy to access and provides free registrations.
  • It is less intrusive of one’s privacy while signing up.
  • It provides an option to track your cash back facility that it supports.


  • Unlike other companies that make payments in a month, EBATES makes payment after 3 months.
  • The company has poor customer service. They usually leave the phone calls and emails unanswered.

Why Choose Ebates?

Ebates provides good cashback offers and has many offers from renowned brands like Samsung, Lenovo, Norton. The platform offers commission as high as 20%/sale depending on the category of the product and this makes the platform a must join for bloggers in 2021.

ShareASale Affiliates Review

best lifestyle affiliate programs for bloggers

They have been in business for about two decades now, and for this whole entirety, they have only increased their goodwill. They have a huge market place that has almost everything that you can think about. You will always have ample numbers of products that you will be able to promote.  

Features Of ShareASale Affiliates:

  • It comes with a whole bunch of products to choose from.
  • It is free for all.
  • The payout options are very flexible, and with digital payments is what that earns them major points.


  • There is quite a huge range of products to choose from.
  • You have the option of making both standard and digital payments.


  • Setting it up might take time, and requires a bit of technical knowledge.
  • They are strict about promotion techniques and traffic sources on each offer.

Why Choose ShareASale Affiliate Program?

ShareASale comes with a huge range of products to choose from, some of them are Norton Antivirus, Namecheap hosting, etc. In fact, the product range is so huge that you will never run out of offers to promote!

Viglink Affiliate Program Review

best lifestyle affiliate programs for bloggers

VigLink works differently as compared to other monetized blogs. It converts your outgoing links to affiliate links. In case of any purchase done from those links, the person earns referral commission. 

By using VigLink, you can easily monetize your websites. Using it, one can easily monetize all the app store links. It is quite useful for all bloggers and marketers due to its tracking function and customized integration. It further supports link conversion and optimization too. 

Features Of Viglink Affiliate Program:

  • It is SEO friendly.
  • It works for AdSense as well.
  • Payment is usually made on time using PayPal.
  • It makes use of the Link Wrapping tool.
  • It is a huge time saver which can then be used to create content.
  • There is a merchant bar at the top with the help of which one can search for merchants.
  • It has an automatic link insertion option.


  • You do not require a sign up for an individual affiliate program on all networks.
  • The setup is hassle-free.
  • It supports multiple platforms like blogs, websites, and forums.


  • It may override any affiliate links that you had prior and make them VigLink affiliate links.

Why Choose VigLink?

VigLink has more than 70,000 merchants registered, so you need not choose different affiliate networks for different niches. Viglink is one of the best affiliate programs for beginners as it takes less time for approval. You can place the code on the website and start promoting your affiliate links. It has an advanced product suite for maximizing your revenue. Based on your content, it automatically optimizes the affiliate links which increases the conversion rate.

Bluprint Affiliate Program Review

best lifestyle affiliate programs for bloggers

BluPrint was earlier known as Craftsy. It supports all your dreams from dancing to yoga, literally everything. This one is more like an online education site for creative people. Bluprint is a perfect way for bloggers to earn money by promoting Bluprint products and services.


  • It is a user-friendly app for all the crafters.
  • Tons of new content along with videos have been added onto its site.
  • The classes that one purchases are accessible forever.
  • The website offers a wide range of classes, not strictly the creative ones.


  • One receives payment every time a person purchases through BluPrint.
  • BluPrint is a fair chance for all and is worth a membership.
  • It provides a wide range of content, all in one place.


  • To access BluPrint, one requires its membership.
  • Even if one pays for its membership, videos are accessible only after some more payment

Why Choose Bluprint Program?

It offers 3000+ video tutorials for several of its products and streams around 3000 expert video tutorials. The app is very user-friendly, and when after purchasing one class, it becomes accessible to you forever.

The reason why you need to pick BLUPRINT program is that they offer more commission to new customers than the returning ones. You can also earn a fixed bounty of $25 when signing-up for a membership program with your affiliate link.

Creativelive Affiliate Program Review

best lifestyle affiliate programs for bloggers

Creativelive is one of the best e-learning platforms in the world. There are multiple lessons that you can choose such as Photography, Art, Video, Design, etc. But to join this platform you need to register on Sharesale and after that you can directly apply for a creativelive affiliate program. It takes 2 days for them to review the application.  

Features Of Creativelive Affiliate Program:

  • CreativeLive pays 20% commission to its affiliates for new customer purchases and 10% for the same customer purchases.
  • All the content and images on it have copyright and thus can only be used for lifestyle affiliate marketing.
  • It provides monthly commission by either a check or a direct deposit on the 22nd of the month.
  • One can track the sales he/she generates in real-time.
  • It provides a 30 days cookie period.
  • It has dedicated managers as such fast and timely payouts are done to the affiliates.


  • There is no requirement of submitting fees while working as an affiliate with CreativeLive.
  • There is no limit on placing the number of links on your website.
  • Even if a visitor visits the website but does not purchase anything, still one gets paid for it.


  • You will only receive your commission by collecting a total of $50.

Why Choose Creativelive Affiliate Program?

CreativeLive Affiliate Program has a very low threshold value of $50 to release the commission payment, thus making them one of the best lifestyle affiliate programs for newbies in 2020. Moreover, this platform provides you with a 20% commission which is a very good rate for freelancers/bloggers in 2020.

Warby Parker Affiliate Program Review+

best lifestyle affiliate programs for bloggers

Most of us might be quite familiar to Warby Parker, as they offer stylish and high-quality glasses and sunglasses. You are able to avail designer sunglasses but that too without the extra charges for customization. And with each passing season, they release new styles. The affiliate program provides a 20% commission, which is quite high as well. 


  • It provides commission up to 20%
  • It supports 45 days of cookie service.
  • The average sale of $125 is made via Warby Parker.
  • It supports free returns and exchange policy.
  • It provides $0.50 per lead for their free home try-on service.


  • One earns a commission for every new customer.
  • It provides a top care service centre for all complaints.
  • It provides coupons and discounts on all its products.
  • A simple sign-up is required for their program, and then one can start promoting their products.


  • Selling glasses online can be tough as doctors recommend to buy glasses personally.

Why Choose Warby Parker Affiliate Program?

It is easy to get leads as it provides free try-on service for a home for the variety of its sunglasses. It provides super classy and fashionable spectacles such that anybody would prefer to purchase those. It gives away a toolkit of resources for its affiliates to learn how the system works, and make commissions.  It offers a decent commission of 20% and per lead 0.50$.


We all want to earn money in some way or the other. So, why not prefer legal methods for it. All these websites explained above can be helpful to anybody to earn commission by selling their products through a link generated. These programs are perhaps an exciting way to make money. 

Any blogger can turn these blogs to commissioned projects by just displaying some ads on their blogs or websites. Most of these provide free service to join affiliate marketing. Even if any company or a website charges money for a subscription, you recover it after some time. 

One needs to give his 100% for such tasks. They need to make an investment in time for such activities. Sites that provide discounted coupons and vouchers attract a majority of people and help in getting you lead for you to get some commission. Therefore, before choosing any, analyze their products, compare it to other websites, and then finalize which website’s products you would wish to promote.


Warby Parker pays per lead whereas other companies pay per sale.

ShareaSale, Viglink, BLUPRINT pays after the final sale

All the above mentioned affiliate programs allow the paid ads traffic like Fb ads, Instagram ads, etc. You can also run Google ads, and native ads on some of the platforms.

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