Best Real Estate Affiliate Platforms For Bloggers In 2021 [With Latest Reviews]

Real Estate is one such investment that won’t turn out bad in the long term except for certain special circumstances.

There were over 7 million homes sold alone in the US in the last financial year with an increment of half a million houses being sold every year from 2011. Most recent studies show that the number is going to go up to 10 million by another 3-5 years.

Even though the ongoing crisis shows that the real estate prices went down by 20%, it is a healthy news for bloggers promoting the real estate programs as the multi-trillion industry is said to grow rapidly after this crisis is over!

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Are you someone who wants to make money without even owning any real estate or want a side hustle flowing in as you keep working on your main business?

Real Estate affiliate marketing programs for bloggers in 2021 are the best solution when you have the leads that convert into customers renting or buying a house. That’s something to look for, isn’t it?

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Before diving deep on the best real estate affiliate marketing platforms for bloggers in 2021, we will have a look at how to choose the best offers  to promote in the real estate niche.

How To Choose Best Offers?

Real estate affiliate programs

Here are two things that you need to take care of before going on to choose the offers to promote.

Target Audience

Real estate affiliate programs

It is something that you can’t ignore, once you know your audience, the type of research they do before buying/renting a land/home, and how to capture them then you can literally promote any form of highest paying offer,

You can gather information from people promoting the real estate offers through spy tools and what better than PowerAdSpy for spying on all the facebook and google ads in your niche.

Why PowerAdSpy?

  • It allows you to check the ad copy of your competitors, track their stats, angels, landers and everything about the copy.
  • With the stats, you can do an in depth analysis about the keywords being targeted, highest performing keyword along with the target audience.

This will help you make better ad copies, high conversion rate with minimal expenditure on ads.

Note: This is a good spy tool only for Facebook while they do offer spy services on other social media channels but people haven’t yet got the results there. Anyway, about 100k+ people use it as a Facebook spy tool and you can start your free trial here!

Before spying, you need to identify your audience based on ‘Are they ready for impulse purchase or need a guide about the purchase? What’s been average spend on properties, average rent on offer in that area?’.


Real estate affiliate programs

Competitors are everywhere and trust me they definitely are in this field of marketing. You need to be aware of what other people or rather, your competitors are doing to increase traffic on their website and maximize their sales, how are they promoting on other real estate blogs, how are they earning a profit?

Once you know that you can effectively use your own methods to gain even more commission.

3 of the best converting offers that convert quickly/are widely used by real estate bloggers in 2021 –
  1. Final Conversion/Lead on Rent of an Apartment/Bungalow
  2. Sale of Apartment
  3. Final Conversion/Lead on Lease for 5 years or specific time period.

Now that you know about the best converting offers, let’s not waste time and have a look at the most trusted platform that hosts the offers.

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Real Estate Affiliate Marketing Programs For Bloggers

1) Real Estate Express

Best real estate affiliate platforms for home owners

Real State Express

The Real Estate Express is very well-known in online real estate education. The platform has been of help to many agents and brokers in the real estate market to read about the market trends and the art of selling to establish themselves and become successful eventually.

And here are few of the features that you might just have to review before joining the program.

Features Of Real Estate Express:

  • A total of 20% commission on every purchase. Oh yes, you read that right! You get a total commission of 20% on every purchase that a visitor makes through the referral links on your website.
  • 100 days cookie period.
  • You get payments every 15 days, again a thumbs up! One thing to note is that you get paid only after you cross the minimum threshold of $50.

Pros And Cons Of Real Estate Express


  • Personal account manager to make you understand trends and increase affiliate sales.
  • The Manager Dashboard makes it easy to keep track of your progress.
  • Getting started is very easy, and the best part is that the process is absolutely free.


  • You only get paid after you cross the $50 mark.

Why Should You Join The Real Estate Express Affiliate Program?

Real Estate Express is said to be one of the best real estate affiliate marketing programs as the offers fit easily into real estate websites and biz opp blogs. With its awareness program and increment in the commission rate  to 25% if the sale amount is more than $100 makes it a must join for bloggers . The company has more than 20 years of experience in the real estate industry and is expanding really well.


Best real estate affiliate platforms for freelancers


Now, this one right here is renowned and well-reputed for its position on the list of “America’s Fastest-Growing Private-Companies” for the 7th consecutive year. So it technically goes without saying that it’s a pretty good choice. Also if you wish to promote Property Management related services except for the rent,lease, and sell then it is absolutely the perfect choice for you.

Features Of Buildium:

  1. You basically get a commission of 25% for every single subscription that comes your way through the website.
  2. It is quite easy to use and very user-friendly.

Pros And Cons Of Buildium:


  • The UI is very easy to use, and you will face little to no issues while using it.
  • They have been America’s Fastest-Growing Private-Companies for 7 years in a row. So you can expect more returning customers because of their quality products.
  • For every subscription, they will provide you with a 25% commission.


  • No account manager to guide you in terms of promotion.
  • Recently, there have been a few poor reviews on their after sales service.

Why Should You Join The Buildium Affiliate Program?

Buildium is known for paying decent commissions in the industry (up to 25%) for every qualified lead. Moreover, when a customer renews his subscription, you get a recurring commission of 25% as well. This is one of the reasons why they are regarded as one of the best commercial real estate affiliate marketing platforms for bloggers in 2020.

3)HomeAway Affiliate Program

Best real estate affiliate platforms for home owners


HomeAway is one of the most widely known and reputed affiliate programs throughout the world. It has over 2 million properties across 100+ locations.. You can use the location and number of properties to bring some local traffic through your website and earn great commissions through it.

The HomeAway Affiliate Program is very popular for vacation rentals and that’s why it has featured in our list of the best real estate affiliate marketing programs for bloggers, so let’s get into it.

Features Of HomeAway Affiliate Program:

  1. You would  get a 3% commission every time someone uses your referral link to book a vacation on the Homeaway website.
  2.  Get paid monthly and the payments are done through PayPal.

Pros And Cons Of HomeAway Affiliate Program


  • They have over 2 million options available.
  • The sign-up procedure is completely free.
  • The payment procedure is very secure and easy.


  • The commission provided by them is low.
  • Low % of returning customers because of competitors such as airbnb and others.

Why Should You Join the HomeAway Affiliate Program?

They are one of the best real estate affiliate marketing for bloggers in the world with more than 2 million properties listed. Moreover, they provide 3% commission per rental and $20 for every new listing.

 4) Real Estate Affiliates (

Best real estate affiliate platforms for freelancers


No, we didn’t forget to write the name, this is the name! So it’s basically a very popular and widely used real estate affiliate program for bloggers.
They manage affiliate campaigns of different brands where the commission vary from 5-20%
There are, however, three ways you can earn through this affiliate program and they are as listed below:

Cost Per Action (CPA) –

This happens when you send some traffic to their partner websites or advertisers and get paid for the final sale. The commission is generally in % of the amount of sales. There are certain terms and conditions placed by the advertisers on the source of traffic, type of other offers being promoted, etc.

Note: Read about the Best CPA Offers Here!

Cost Per Lead (CPL) 

 This is said to be a breeze to earn method, where all you gotta do is create a traffic source either organic or paid ads and select the geo. You  get paid for the impression, unverified lead, personal information including emails.  The payment for most of the offers is fixed per set of data.

Features Of Real Estate Affiliates:

  1. This affiliate program can help you to earn up to 20% commissions through your referral links.
  2.  The offers come with a good 60 day cookie period.
  3. You get paid twice monthly, that is you get paid every 15 days after you have earned the minimum threshold.

Pros And Cons Of Real Estate Affiliates 


  • They have recurring commissions that help bloggers who have set base of requested traffic by the advertiser.
  • The platform has some of reputed companies posting offers to promote.
  • Once you reach a minimum balance, they provide you with a personal manager for your promotion related queries.


  • It comes with a threshold amount.
  • They are very strict with their traffic, and promotion method policies.

Why Should You Join The Real Estate Affiliates Program?

There are very few companies that provide such decent commissions like Real Estate affiliates.This company provides affiliate commission (of about 20%) for both cost per action as well as leads generated.
Moreover, the approval process for this affiliate is very simple and it accepts multiple payment methods for transferring payments. Probably, THE reason to have this in our list of best real estate affiliate marketing programs for bloggers.

5) Corporate Housing By Owner (Chbo)

Best real estate affiliate platforms for home owners

Corporate Housing By Owner

This is an advertising outlet which is well-reputed and renowned among its competitors. It’s amazing both for blog owners and property owners.
They are another platform that has different companies offering campaigns with commission range of 5-15%

Features Of Corporate Housing By Owner:

  1. You can earn up to 15% commission of the campaign.
  2. It’s free and everybody can sign up for this and it’s very user friendly.
  3. One can run multiple campaigns for different advertisers.

Pros And Cons Of Corporate Housing By Owner


  • They assign an account manager to help you with all the platform related queries.
  • The threshold starts at a minimum of 20$ varying for different advertisers.
  • It is very user friendly and can be used by anyone with ease.


  • They are very strict with promotion techniques.
  • You can’t promote two advertisers if they are competitors in the market or have similar offers.

Why Should You Join The Corporate Housing By Owner Affiliate Program?

They are regarded as one of the best real estate affiliate marketing as they have a guide available for free along with personal account managers on how to promote the offers with little tweaks on landers.
Also, you get a bonus commission every month if you’re one of their top affiliates.

6) Zilpy Affiliate

Best real estate affiliate platforms

Zilpy Affiliate

The Zilpy Affiliate Program has been widely known for providing a whole lot of opportunities in terms of sale, rent, and lease of houses/buildings. They have companies even offering a home/building on rent for a short period such as 1/7 days.

Note: It is rated as one of the best real estate affiliate programs for bloggers in 2020 by 20+ Journals.

Features Of Zilpy Affiliate:

  1. You can earn a good total of 30% commission on each sale, that is definitely huge!
  2. It has a cookie period of 30 days.
  3. The platform pays recurring commissions for every service being renewed.

Pros And Cons Of Zilpy Affiliate


  • You can promote anything with no strict traffic policies as the final sale counts.
  • The commissions being offered is the highest among the companies listed in this article.


  • Payments can be processed only via PayPal

Why Should You Join The Zilpy Affiliate Program?

Zilpy provides the affiliates with one of the top commissions in the industry (30%). They have extensive property data from which the customers can select. Moreover, if you are an affiliate who is bringing them more business every month, they are ready to provide custom commission rates.
Also, to clear more of your doubts, here are some frequently asked questions about Real Estate Affiliate Programs that might help you!


When you sign up on any of the given platforms, you’ll be provided with a signup link that you need to place in your landing page/blog.
You need to have good knowledge about paid ads or have a blog in the real estate niche with keywords targeting buyer intent such as best house for rent under 1500$ in LA, or similar to bring in the sale via your referral link.

Target more buyer intent/low comp keywords, Spy your competitors using PowerAdSpy on their ads, landers. Take the ideas and create content/landers that have high conversion.
Want to design a landing page that gets you high conversion? Have a read about the best page builders and theme here!



Yes, Real Estate Marketing may look a bit of a task on the surface but trust us, it’s not at all difficult when you get the hang of it. It gets pretty easy and you can seriously earn money if you’re consistent and work hard.
You wouldn’t even know and you will be having a flow of side income coming right in.
So don’t wait, go on and take that real estate affiliate marketing program and start earning big.

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