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Travel affiliate program

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Before getting into it, first, let’s understand what really is an affiliate program?

So consider there’s a website, of any sort for that matter, and they put up special links of other businesses on that website. Now if people discover that business or visit their business through the aforementioned website link, then the website that put up the link gets a little share of many for it.

There’s a term called cookie period, that is if a website has a cookie period of the same day and you visit the website and buy something on the same day, the referral website gets a little share of the money. Some websites have a cookie period of even 2 or 3 days.

So this is basically how affiliate programs work.

Now being a travel blogger is not as easy and effortless as it seems. To maintain a journal or a blog can get tough at times. It’s even tougher to monetize your travel blog.

There are several modes to do it, but one of the very established and successful ones is affiliate marketing.

Why do you need to join a travel affiliate program?

Now now, if affiliate marketing isn’t an excellent money earning option, it’s because it is the best option.

Affiliate marketing = Passive income. And who doesn’t want that?

This is how almost 99% of people get started. Yes, through affiliate marketing.

So this is briefly how affiliate marketing works :

There’s a trader. There’s a publisher. And there’s a consumer.

A trader gets the products he prefers publicized through a publisher. The publisher, if he cares about the values of the product, publishes it. And for every sale of that product through his site, he gets a commission.

Now as a travel affiliate marketer, you can offer travel-related products and services without owning any of them and still earn a commission. Amazing, right?


So if you’re planning to enter the world of affiliate marketing through a travel blog, then you’re at the right place.

Here’s a list of the Top 07 Travel affiliate programs that you can use to make more money and obtain benefits.

Expedia Affiliate Program

The Expedia Travel Affiliate program is one of the most distinguished travel affiliated websites. It’s a global program that has mainly two categories –  one that serves majorly the established travel agencies, this one’s called Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate Program, commonly referred to as TAAP, and the other one that serves the individuals who own a travel blog or any other travel-related programs.

The Expedia Travel Affiliate Program topped the 2014 Travel Weekly Powerlist which, to be noted, is an annual ranking of leading travel companies. It offers excellent packages and rates and thus stands as a great choice for people looking for one. Not to mention, the huge number of products and services it offers, thus leaving the customers with a wide range of choice. The reason this affiliate program is so great for you or anyone who might be interested in affiliate marketing is that it has a very powerful character in the world. It’s highly popular and therefore people trust this organization. So it’s safe to say it can maximise traffic at your site and attract new visitors as well. Thus making you unravel in profit from day one.

The payment is usually done once in every month, i.e. the 15th of every month, through bank transfer.


  • Achieved the top position in the 2014 Travel Weekly Powerlist
  •  Two categories of programs – agencies and individuals
  • A renowned and well-known website
  •  Excellent packages and rates
  • Global site
  •  Monthly payment
  • If you’re an affiliate partner, you can even check the details of all the payments made


  • Very easy to join and Expedia doesn’t want you to charge your clients extra, you can charge just the same amount that the Expedia’s own website costs
  • Great commissions in both individual and agency travel program categories
  •  A highly trusted organization
  •  The commission generally ranges between 3% to 11% on the basis of a transaction, and this is only the beginner level incentive


  • Well, literally – none. Expedia is a great travel affiliate program and we don’t find any hoaxes in it.

So yes, if you want to enter the world with a successful first step, you should definitely opt for Expedia. We’re sure you wouldn’t be disappointed.


Website link – www.expedia.co.in

Amazon Associates Program

Another number one affiliate program that you might want to check out. By using this program, you would be using the world’s largest online platform – Amazon. Yes, it’s an affiliate program by Amazon and is wielded by almost 1 million users.

One of the best parts about using the Amazon Affiliate Program is that Amazon literally has so many products and services, that you will never need to worry about what to use in your affiliate links for the travel blog. It has a very simple sign up process and once you’re a partner, you will be granted access to Amazon Affiliate support and the 24*7 customer support team to resolve any queries that you might have. The payment will be monthly, i.e. on the 15th of every month, but that is after you cross the minimum threshold.

There are certain guidelines or rather, conditions by Amazon that you need to take care of once you’re a partner.

Every time you include a referral link for Amazon products and services, you need to compulsorily disclose that you might earn profit from these recommendations. You need to be very truthful of the services the products and goods will offer. You can never make a false claim about them or you may be deterred from the program. You should typically prevent from mentioning the prices of the products and services because they’re subjective and may change over time. There are exceptions of course. You should only and only use the referral links in online promotions, nothing else.


  • Affiliate program of the world’s largest online platform
  •  A very simple sign up procedure
  • Monthly payment
  • A 4% commission rate


  • So many products are available on Amazon that you will never have to worry about what to share in your referral links
  • It’s a very renowned and trusted brand, which will make it a much-preferred choice for your customers
  • Since Amazon also wants the customers to buy the products and services, it really works in a way to make the customer make the purchase.


  • The commission rates are not that high as compared to the enormity of the network i.e. only about 4% which are relatively modest.
  • Cookies period is also not much of our delight, only lasts about 24 hours.

Website link – https://affiliate-program.amazon.in

Booking Affiliate Program

This one’s again a popular name in the travel industry. And again, it’s free to access and very easy to sign up. One of the most remarkable things that help it stand out is the fact that Booking.com offers the largest selection of accommodation online, i.e. with more than 29 MILLION bookable rooms in over 2.5 MILLION properties. Now that’s big, isn’t it?

And one of the things I love the most about this program is you get to choose what you wanna put up on your site – whether you want to put it up saying it’s available worldwide or you just wanna tell people it’s available in your region, it’s completely and entirely your choice.

You can access the information on how people are making purchases through your pink and then work on maximising the site traffic. It has excellent commission rates starting from straightaway 25%. I mean, man that’s huge!  But you only get your payment every 2 months, so that might be something you wanna think upon.


  • A very well known name
  • Largest selection of accommodation among everyone
  • You put on referral links of your choice
  • Home to several flights, hotels, companies and agencies
  • 2 monthly payment
  • Commission rates begin from 25%


  • Free and easy to sign in
  • Exceptional ideas for advertising their products
  • Excellent commission rates       


  • The threshold limit for payment is 100 Euros

Website link – www.booking.com

Viator Affiliate Program

This one right here is one of the widely loved TripAdvisor companies. It is exceptionally the largest source of greatest trips that include many outdoor activities and sightseeing tours. They basically sell these trips and tours.

After becoming a partner of this affiliate program, your role is to provide referral links to the best outdoor activities and tours that extend throughout different parts of the world.

To ensure the quality of the trips, the Viator team us comprised of in-house experts who converse with the destination residing locals about different aspects of the tour.

It comes with a 5% commission rate that is paid after a booked trip is accomplished.


  • One of the most prominent TripAdvisor companies
  • The largest source of outdoor recreations and tours
  • Comes with a 5% commission rate
  • Provides a 24*7 customer service
  • Also, provides us with extra travel tips and tricks
  • The only travel site language accepted is English
  • Strictly shouldn’t make any false claims about any product or service


  • Offers interesting low price bookings
  • Brings regular deals and offers
  • Cookie length is literally 30 days ( I MEAN WHAT?!?! )


  • Only accepts the travel blogs and websites that use the English language

Website link – www.viator.com


Dohop Affiliate Program

The fact that’s it’s named “World’s Leading Flight Comparison Website” speaks volume about the organization. The Dohop Affiliate Program works with combining flights and rental cars.

So basically what it does is, and this is the reason for its renowned name, it customizes your search bar and compared many options of flights and displays in results the lowest priced flights. This has been of great advantage to its users and they’ve been fairly pleased.

It also uses Pay for Click. Oh yes, one of the perks I love the most. So every time a user browses through the details of some flights that he discovered through your website, for every click you get paid. Now that’s a truly profitable deal, isn’t it? But one of the most important things to keep in mind here is, this benefit will only benefit you if you have voluminous traffic at your site.

More traffic implies more commission. Their commissions go as high as 50%.


  • Combines flights with rental cars
  • Commissions up to 50%
  • Higher traffic, higher commission rates
  • Compares flight rates and brings the lowest price options
  • Easy to use and free to signup


  • Huge commission rates
  • Pay for click feature
  • Satisfactory search results


  • Cannot books flights with hotels
  • Only works great if the traffic at site is very high

Website link – www.dohop.com

Cruise Direct Affiliate Program

As the name suggests, this affiliate program is solely for the providing of information and bookings of Cruises. It’s one of the fastest-growing and most prominent names in the alike.

It offers a commission rate of 3% and also offers bonus commissions time and again along with a vast number of weekly deals and offers.

It uses the latest technology for it’s working such as live pricing and availability. It uses search bar optimization to bring forth the lowest priced cruise results. It has a 45 day cookie period as well.


  • Is the lading program for cruises
  • Provides regular deals and offers
  • Provides access to their advertising tools i.e. users can actually use their promotion tools for maximising site traffic
  • Has a support team available 24*7 in case of any query


  • Comes with a 45 day cookie period
  • Access to the program’s promotion tools
  • Frequent deals and offers
  • Timely Bonus commissions


  • Has a relatively poorer conversion ratio

Website link –


Agoda Affiliate Program

The last one on the list is yet another promising affiliate program called the Agoda Affiliate Program. It’s well known for booking rentals, villas, hotels and the like. It offers services to over 9 lakh places throughout the world, providing you with numerous choices.

It’s free to sign up and very easy to use. And you know what the best part is?

It supports almost 40 different languages. I mean that’s crazy. But that makes it stand out as well. It offers a 6% commission rate, I.e. 6% of the total booking value.

It’s got a support team that is available 24*7 in case of any queries.

The cookie period is one day.


  • A program to book private rentals, hotels, villas, and so on.
  • The commission is 6% of the total booking value
  • Offers over 9 lakh places throughout the world


  • High conversion rates
  • A vast number of travel options
  • Supports over 38 languages


  • The minimum threshold is $200

Website link –



Well, affiliate programs no matter which one you opt to go for are highly, highly profitable. They are in a way a mode of earning money while you’re asleep. Even if you have a business going on about successfully, you should still go for affiliate marketing as a side hustle, because the entry is almost always free but when you come out of it, it’s always with some gained revenue.